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Posted by kikakuya on April 10, 2008

It gets little by little warm as it rains. The old man said so. Therefore, people always waited eagerly for spring. Gradually various things begin to move in spring. My Shinden also began to move. I’m going to show such a spectacle today. Today’s flight schedule takes off from Saitama, and goes to Mt. Fuji. Shinden with Mt. Fuji is well-matched relations. An engine also has been tamed. let’s take off.

When Shinden tried to take off for the first time in 1945, the propeller struck the ground. The first flight was finished with failure.
Shinden took off safely in my 3D.

A throttle is opened fully with stopping the moment to a transverse direction. After going up to an altitude of 2000m, an air pattern is set to the Sagami bay. It is the flight for about 30 minutes to Mt. Fuji.

Although it is spring, there is still a lot of snow in the mountain in Fuji . Since there was no good photograph of spring, other photograph of winter was used . Even if metaphor spring comes, snow is required for Mt. Fuji. It is disgraceful in Fuji without snow.
I wish I could fly once with making Mt. Fuji into a background. Although it is individual sentimentality, the original scenery of the Japanese heart is felt.
This picture was made into the animation for about 15 seconds. It consists of continuous still pictures of 385 sheets.

As wild as freedom 自由と奔放

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Spring Breath

Posted by kikakuya on March 25, 2008

The cherry tree bloomed in Japan this week. A true Spring came on. Let’s offer spring breath to Shinden recovered by 3D. First, I will move his engine. A stretch can be begun from spring vacation. Please expect to confirm how Shinden will develop from now on. The process of work is introduced from next time.


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For Future People

Posted by kikakuya on March 16, 2008

The day which should be memorised came again last week. March 10,1945 63 years ago is the day of the air raid on Tokyo by 300 sets U.S. Forces B29. By this indiscriminate firebomb air raid (air strikes), Tokyo became a burned field and 100,000 or more people’s lives were claimed. Next, extensive simultaneous slaughter by the atomic bombing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Shinden was born in August of the same year under their situation. A prototype was built as interceptor for B29. After two weeks Japan lost war. The 2nd World War was ended. This interceptor was not of use for a battle. Shinden did not need to make when it considered that this war was a big fault. Many people said if Shinden was completed, possibly 100,000 or more civilians’ lives would have been saved. But if this airplane was completed and war was prolonged more, my parents probably would not exist. Since man is making the same mistake repeatedly.

I want to leave memory of this beautiful airplane for future people to prevent cruel war in my grandchild’s time again. Also in order not to repeat the same fault. Restoration of Shinden over seven months is ended in today. 50 years ago,I have been excited for the illustration of beautiful form of Shinden in my elementary school days. My junior high school days was fascinated with this future body. My high school days was immersed in air battle comics. Shinden was seen in my dream for the first time in 30 years last year. Symbolized Shinden swung me in my dream and gave me the power of improving the past, the present, and the future. One documentary photography taken together with the people engaged in incomplete restoration of the body after the end of the war was a driving force which drives me. And also in my 3D restoration, Shinden became a commemorative photo having held many incomplete portions too. However,satisfied with this imperfection.

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Shinden in Spring Wind

Posted by kikakuya on March 4, 2008

In Japan, “HARU ICHIBAN” (gust which tells a spring) blew. Today’s temperature became 15-degree Centigrade. Spring has come. It is Spring. All the things are going to change their clothes and colors. People becomes busy.
Poking the spring gust, Shinden flew today. It is a flight after a long time with new clothes.

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Springlike Best clothes

Posted by kikakuya on February 3, 2008

From the top of the head to a tiptoe, the dispersion ratio and reflectance of a body color were corrected. Since the identification of the Rising-Sun was bad, the mask action at the time of mapping was also readjusted. The recognition for the adjoining color increased. A little bump degree of the rivet was also lowered and they were set in a natural expression. Since this color absorbs light, the lighting from the upper part is added. Environment light is added further. The dark part was also readjustment. Since all portions do not need to be seen, a viewpoint was centralized on a body upper surface. The big thunder cloud of a background has an effect for the concentration of the viewpoint. A setup of this picture is some present-day airfield. The pilot is getting down and the canopy is open. It is very important that you decide the expression environment of the object as a concept of the expression. A story is always necessary for the scene.
Well,what kind of story do you have in this image?

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Full Dress in Lunar New Year

Posted by kikakuya on February 3, 2008

Feb.4 is the Lunar New Year in Japan. Many young girls used to wear a holiday clothes “FURISODE” in the New Year of prewar days. FURISODE is a long-sleeved KIMONO for unmarried women. The long-sleeved kimono is worn for New Years holidays(Jan.) now. Full dress for the man was a kimono with a family crest on those days. However,most of men don’t have a custom of wearing full dress.
That’s why I decided to dress up J7W1 Shinden by full dress. A family coat of arms is a rising sun. The color of the kimono is the deep green called “official color” of the Japanese warplane. Result for mapping was too beautiful. Reappearance of this color is very difficult . Balance of Hue ,Chroma and Value is quite hard to decide. Combination data of RGB is R34, G49, and B44. Since this color is fairly deep green, the quality of illumination will come out clearly. It is also important point that green is complementary color for red. This “red” is based on R223G0B36 (CMYK Y100M100). Although the Rising-Sun has shone strangely in documentary photography, it is necessary to also set up the reflectance of each part separately. First of all, which will be a true body color? Even with the plastic model, there are various colors. Since the 8mm movie of the test flight in 1945 was monochrome, there was not how to make a judgment.

The 2nd picture is the result of the rendering by changing the rate of diffusion and the reflectance of the body into a maximum and adding of Ambient (environmental light). Neighboring objects were reflected and the feel of a material increased by them. But,it has become like a plastic model. This is heterogeneous. The lower photographs are gray scale image. As compared with the contrast of the recorded photograph which remains now, the body color also seems to be thinner touch. Information about the body color is more necessary. Let’s look for color data from other examples of a body photograph next time. That is a new subject. Although the undersurface is not classified this time, the mapping of the skirt of holiday clothes seems to become complicated ,too.




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Peaceful Fighter

Posted by kikakuya on January 27, 2008

Development of Shinden has closed the curtain by only the test flight for 45 minutes ,holding many subjects. Shinden has stopped material growth. Test records for two days were an altitude of 1640 ft,top speed of 161.5 mile/h and many defects to improve. I am not interested in the new possibility of the efficient and technical subject of this airplane, or combat efficiency. Because the reason is obvious that this fighter plane could not exist. Even if details of efficiency will be indicated, that is meaningless at my site,since everything is already told in many homepages in the world as a frame of the history end of Japanese warplane development.
Then, let’s speak about why the restoration of Shinden has been tried by 3DCG, having spent much time and efforts till today. This photograph is a test flight on January 25 on CG. It is Yokosuka sky. An altitude is at least 6500 ft. A throttle opens fully. After this, a course will be to the direction of 10:00. My view is the Sagami bay in 5minutes. This course goes in the direction of Izu, looking at the coastline to a right hand. If I were a pilot, I would like to fly like this. The pilot can see Mt. Fuji in space which is hiding on the right-hand side of the photograph. The cause planned to restore this airplane was this spectacle. That is “Shinden in the dream.” This Shinden has no 30mm machine gun. That is a very peaceful airplane. Neither B29 nor Grumman will come flying any longer. Why was such a dream? I don’t know. Some Shinden graphics of beginning of this blog are the CG of those days. A test flight still continues.

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False and Close Resemblance

Posted by kikakuya on January 17, 2008

Mapping of the rivet was settled up temporarily at last. Next job is the fabrication of the inspiratory port of the circumference of the engine. Since new fabrication was accompanied, it became the homework to next time. The more it is minutely scrupulous, the more an unknown point of the fine portion increases. The more strict “abbreviation standard” is needed. Although the pilot has boarded,the inside of a cockpit is still untouched.
Although the talk changes,where is formal evaluation about how many design concepts have been materialized after this test flight for 45 minutes? It seems that nobody has left the formal comment. Honestly even with a photograph, judgment of truth is difficult. Which standard should be about “resembling”? What is the difference between “false resemblance” and “close resemblance” in 3d design?

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The Whole Life for 45min.

Posted by kikakuya on January 13, 2008

“Some serious lack was accepted by the first test flight. The huge reactionary torque with the engine which brings about sharp acceleration became an important problem especially in the defect. ” It seems that furthermore, shortage of the short length of a wing and vertical tail area was shown by this test flight. It completely became impossible to prepare a stable posture according to this cause, especially at the time of taking off and landing. Furthermore, it was considered that takeoff speed was 240km/h too high. It seems that moreover, an intense vibration of the drive axis from engine became the subject of an improvement.

The 2nd time and the 3rd supplementary examination flight was performed on August 6 and the 8th in 1945. In these three flight sum totals, Shinden flew for 45 minutes. The maximum altitude was recorded as 500m and the maximum speed was recorded as 260km/h. During the 2nd and the 3rd flight, the defect about the structure of wings was also newly clarified.
According to this document, Shinden required advanced operation technology of the pilot at the time of taking off and landing. That is, it is written that it was very important that it became clear that Shinden could not be controlled unless it is an excellent pilot. The fighter J7W1 Shinden of the phantom was sealed by the flight for only 45 minutes, holding many improvement matters. War of Japan and the United States became a conclusion one week afterward on August 15. Now, wreckage is sleeping to “The Paul E. Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility.

Reference web : ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ СПРАВОЧНИК Кюсю J7W “Шинден”
Результаты первого полета были признаны удовлетворительными, однако выявились серьезные недостатки. Самым главным из них стал реактивный момент огромного винта при слишком резком ускорении. Сказывалась короткая база и недостаточная площадь вертикального оперения. Та же причина послужила возникновению сильного статического эффекта “косого обдува”, что приводило к полной невозможности триммирования на взлете и посадке. Также посадочная скорость 240 км в час была сочтена слишком высокой. Были зафиксированы значительные вибрации основного ведущего вала. 6-го и 8-го августа были совершены еще два испытательных полета, подтвердившие результаты. В общей сложности во всех трех полетах суммарно самолет налетал 45 минут. Максимальная высота, на которую была поднята машина – 500 м, максимальная скорость – 260 км в час. Во время второго и третьего полета были выявлены некоторые дефекты, связанные с конструкцией крыла. Здесь также стоит отметить, что на взлете и посадке самолет был очень требовательным к пилоту, поэтому летать на нем могли бы только высококвалифицированные летчики, которых в Японии оставались к концу войны буквально единицы.

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2008 Beginning

Posted by kikakuya on January 4, 2008

Here comes 2008 beginning. A vertical tail was mapped by the same method of last year. A Mapping picture was illustrated from the drawing in the internet. Next, the trace line drawing created by Illustrator should be changed into a gray scale picture by Photoshop. A picture is read into the texture of Strata. The degree of bump will be adjusted. Arrangement should be determined after vertical-horizontal adjustment. The map of the attachment portion of a wing upper surface was also exactly. Although the interval of a rivet and readjustment of a degree are a little required touch, the result was pretty good.
May this year be a better year!!


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The Future’s still Long

Posted by kikakuya on December 31, 2007

Some requirements have been defined from the mapping test of the front wings last time. The degree of bump of lines and rivets were got. Since the detailed manufacture standard of the front wings of the system is not known, proper value becomes evaluation by appearance. The above figure is traced from a drawing. The following picture is the mapping result of the illustration for Mapping. The mapping test of a vertical tail and the body will be verified next time. The undersurface of a wing is the following next. The future is still long.



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Posted by kikakuya on December 28, 2007

When mapping of a rivet was performed last time, it overlooked that an elevator was two-sheet structure. An elevator hinge seems to be in the line by the side of a front wings front tip (center side) in the photograph of the system. On the other hand, the slit between an elevator and front wings (here must be a hinge) is shown in the upper surface figure of a sketch at the trailing edge side. If saying, i.e., an elevator, thinks that it is two-sheet composition like a flap, a photograph makes sense. Then, let’s change strategy. As Tips of mapping, in order to increase the visibility of an elevator, the picture of the high contrast which improves the piece of a stencil line is required. As a correcting point, the dent degree of the rivet was lowered and the position was set more close to the joint of a griddle.



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Mapping Rivet

Posted by kikakuya on December 26, 2007


Christmas night has passed in Japan and next is New Year. Let’s start next work, since a leeway of the time was given. First of all, let’s start with the mapping of front wings. The layout of a rivet and a griddle referred to the sketch which was got from the Europe site. The number and interval of a rivet are traced from a drawing. The data for bump and stencil which makes the picture for rivet and line is created by gray scale data.


If a rendering is carried out, a line and a rivet portion will be dented a little, and an elevator portion will be separated. The curve and balancer for a wings end are still under processing. Japanese is here.

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Posted by kikakuya on December 23, 2007

The cover of main gear was corrected. The whole was made thin and one more sheet was put on the back. It has dual structure from the photograph of the system. It seems that in addition, something is between the cover and the main axis although it is not discriminable in wiring or a pipe in fact. Since an axis and the junction of a cover are also indistinct, this omits. Since the antenna has not attached at the time of the restoration around 1946, it was omitted now. The fabrication which remains are as follows about. Installation of elaboration of the storing space of main gear to the wing undersurface, the storing space of a nose gear, the cowling of the circumference of an inspiratory port, the inspiratory port behind a canopy and 30mm machine gun 4 gate of front nose etc. The fabrication in this year is end. The above new fabrication will be first work early next year. Anyhow, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!



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Front and Back

Posted by kikakuya on December 18, 2007



They are the front and the back. A rendering should be carried out for the check of the future. It is necessary to use a photograph and a drawing and to check details. It is because an unknown drawing may have many mistakes. Not all are projected although the photograph is projecting truth. Moreover, there may also be an error of the interpretation when carrying out 3D fabrication. The restoration work is a very difficult subject. What should be trusted? In The Garber Facility, various bodies have been restored over ten years. Truth is beyond for 70 years. Although the talk changes, the document of the Nanjin Massacre was aired on TV in Japan today. About the fault war committed 70 years ago, the Japanese soldiers of those days who now became an old man are beginning to tell the fact. The Japanese government does not accept this slaughter formally yet. By accepting the historical fact with those old men, we must get big power to prevent. I am always pained by this antimony of war through restoration of the beautiful war tool called J7W1. It is self-question answering itself.

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The Growth

Posted by kikakuya on December 16, 2007

Main gear was completed last time. Main legs were joined to the body today. The prototype of J7W1 was completed at last. However, a surface detail is still future work. It took about five months to create so far. Growth always has room for improvement.



This photograph is the prototype of J7W1 Shinden being restored in 1946 by direction of GHQ.

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Step Completion

Posted by kikakuya on December 14, 2007

mgearkan3.gifFabrication of the main gear was finished. This work is done based on some collected photographs and drawings. Fine wiring and metal fittings are gradually attached by addition. The frame grasping a main wheel is one sleeve type. As long as a photograph is seen, a frame is visible to pipe-like structure (there is a slot which made the pipe unite on appearance). “Path Extrude” is best way for this frame. This method pushes out the form of a pipe section along with the line of sleeve(photograph bottom left). Now, this is attached to the axis of a main wheel. The structure of an axis is the same as a front wheel. However, the hinge of a buffer is attached to a front side. The cover was traced from the body side view. Since the length of an axis and the radius are quite larger than the numerical value of a front wheel, the ratio of each part is re-calculated from data. In order that the upper end and the arm for drawing in of the main leg might not have data, they were surmised that it was probably such a structure theoretically.





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J7W1 in Rumania

Posted by kikakuya on December 10, 2007

manup1.gifShinden was discovered in Rumania. The precious data which were not able to be found in Japan were discovered. It is the detailed illustration and modeling manual of Shinden written by Mr. Shigeru Nonaka. He is famous as an author of the literature about the Japanese fighter at the time of World War ll. Since it is a photograph of high resolving, they are very useful data for me. Please refer to Lure head Japan for details.

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Posted by kikakuya on December 8, 2007

stencil.gifbamp2.gifThe Left figure like a “Japanese family crest” is a mapping picture given to the side of a rim. The left picture is mapped in the both-sides side of a rim, and a black portion is made transparent. If this processing is carried out, a window will open to the rim side at the time of a rendering. The direction with right gradation is a mapping picture for giving special effects further on it. A deep-colored place is dented strongly and a thin place is the processing which gives a dent weakly. Although this portion may not be visible,the result in which it is better to be scrupulous is induced.


tire2.gifThe left is result of the rendering.

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That’s the light of Paris!

Posted by kikakuya on December 8, 2007

The work of this week is creation of a main wheel. From the scale of the photograph and the drawing, the rotation material (section) is made so that it may be usual. A main wheel is about 1.5 times the size of a front wheel. The diameter can be taken out from the ratio of a front wheel. The radius of a rim is drawn after a diameter is decided. Finally, the window of the side is mapped.

3sozai2.gifThe left figures are a tire, an inner wall of a rim, an outer wall of an axis, and a rim. They are finished setting up on the same axle.
The side of the rim of a main wheel has a swelling larger than the side of the rim of a front wheel. Although it is having felt at the time of front wheel creation, compared with the present rim, a design concept is clearly different. Although it is a digression, the movie of Atlantic Ocean nonstop crossing of Lindbergh which I saw at my chilhood was remembered. An English title is the “Spirit of St. Louis.” Japanese title is “My wing! That’s the light of Paris!”,if it translates literally. I remembered that the rim of the main wheel of Ryan NYP was a form just like a pot lid. Since then, When I look at an airplane, I came to look at a wheel first always.

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