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Development secret stories of Japanese Army and Navy fighter

Posted by kikakuya on March 18, 2010

You could get a lot of information about the development secret stories of a lot of Japanese Army and Navy fighter from “Fighter of the Phantom” which was written by YOSHIRO IKARI. It became good key for me to know how “post Mitsubishi A6M ZERO” had been developed and vanished without the actual combat. So, I would like to introduce some development secret stories hardly known in foreign countries. Of course, it’s including Shinden. The document should be shown in order of its development, but the rule is broken. Shinden has to be top document.

First of all, let’s introduce the author of this book. The author is Mr. YOSHIRO IKARI. He was born in Kagoshima in 1925, and graduated from the Tokyo Metropolitan Aircraft Technical School. He was summoned in Army Air Technical Research Institute during the war as a technological captain, and graduated from Yokohama Industrial College (present Yokohama National University) after the war. He has published a lot of documents about relations between mechanism and human such as aircraft, automobiles and railways as a theme.
“Techno-nerd group of burning Honda” “Men who offered life for Skyline GT” “Challenge at Ultra-High Speed” “Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal” “Six Kawanishi N1K [Violet Lightning]” “Eight pilots of Imperial Japanese Naval Academy” “The Last Flying Ace” Additionally, there are a lot of documents etc.
To my regret, I don’t know his present writing. He would be 85 years old this year. It would be great if the effort which our predecessors accomplished for 70 years or more ago is transmitted through this book even a little. Raising the war cause and the result to the shelf now, this effort could be as our property.
Translation of quotation part is posted next week. Chapter 9 Duck of 800 kilos per hour —- “Shinden”

Japanese is here


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