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Vision of J7W1 Shinden

Posted by kikakuya on October 27, 2009

I’d like to introduce some photographs that I’ve made up my mind to make 3D restoration of the fighter of this phantom.  They’ve given me a chance. In those photographs, they made me find an appearance to dance in the sky like swallow, at the same time, hidden brightness and darkness in last war, balance of destruction and creation.  It can be said that a certain kind of social dandyism felt by this airframe has been a meaningless inheritance that Japanese seniors (my father’s age) left now. However, wishing that it keep existing on the corner of the mind to which this inheritance longs for peace indefinitely doesn’t stop. ・・For my grandchild and all families.

J7W1 Shinden dismantled in “The Paul E. Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility”.



J7W1 Shinden(1946-1946) restored by GHQ after end of the war





Photograph © : J7W1 Shinden House All rights reserved.



2 Responses to “Vision of J7W1 Shinden”

  1. Alex O said

    Is there any way that you can help me with the photo from the museum at a higher resolution ( a bether quality ). Im intrested because i whant to reproduce the exact interior of my 1/48 scale aircraft kit. Domo arigato. Sorry for the rong coment.

    • kikakuya said

      Hi Alex O

      Thank you for the comment.
      I would help your challenge as one of the fans of Shinden.
      To my regret, I don’t have the photograph with the high resolution more than the one on the site. The posted photographs are all now, though I’ve been looking for them for two years. Another photographs that seemed to be useful for your work were attached. So refer them please. These are photographs not posted in the site. The illustration with the highest reliability was appended, and that would also be good reference.
      They were written after the war. The arrangement of meters is accurate. You’ll be able to make the internal structure through all photographs and illustrations. It would be necessary to see through them with some angles to understand the internal structure of cockpit. There’s almost no data concerning the material and the color of the individual equipment in the cockpit. It is thought the perfection is considerably crude because of the materials lacked compared with the United States aircraft. Advanced unique technology seems to have been introduced in the structural design on those days. But,no material about them remains now. Though it seems that the new technology with new equipment to control Shinden was taken,that’s only old documents and old man’s stories. Shinden was a prototype before the system of mass production. The U.S. military has taken away all plans in 1946. To our regret, we have only “Analogy” in Japan. The Hasegawa model is made by this analogy, though it looks true. It may be the best way seeing Shinden’s fact in the Garber facility in U.S.A.. However, inventory location of Shinden is now like scrapheap in Garber facility. My 3D was made under such a situation. The best investigation and rich imagination would be on you. It would be greatly appreciated if my help is useful.  

      Best regards


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