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Change of a texture

Posted by kikakuya on January 9, 2009

Mapping of the main wings was redone with the negative image. Using the negative image makes a clear rivet. However, a tricky problem was found in this work. That is, it was that not only a rivet but a “knot” rises together. The surface smoothness of wings are lost by this method. In order to solve this problem, it turned out that Bump processing of a rivet and a knot should be processed separately. However, my 3D software cannot express unevenness simultaneously by the Bump picture of one sheet. Since the armored surface of actual J7W1 was not clear for my eyes, it is unknown, whether the rivet of body was rising or embedding (embedding is appropriate if air resistance is taken into consideration). If I went to a Paul E. Garber Facility, it would be quite obvious … it can’t be reality… anyway the best suited way have to be expected. Positive image and Negative image make a subtle difference in this work as you know.


Japanese is here.


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