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It was still full of humanity.

Posted by kikakuya on December 1, 2008

Cool 3D animation of Boeing 787-8 was found by youtube during data search. This is Fhilippine Airlines 787.   This is promotion movie which Mr. John0619’s site FS Pinoy ( posted.

The large-sized plane has very calmly(not sound) good feelings. It is my favorite feeling from my childhood. There is wrapping power like a mother in. In my childhood, I’ve often been looking at the passenger plane at Haneda Airport all day long.  I’ve been to Fiji by JAL DC-8 (probably, nobody knows) 38 years ago.  The inside was very narrow with a small seat.  It took very long long time to get to Fiji. Passengers became a friend each other, and shared the long hard flight. It was a trip like a school trip. … Although it was hard, it remembers that it was pleasant. When the size of DC-8 is compared with 747 jet, it is a super mini size.  It was the airplane by which it was still full of humanity. This 3D promotion movie of Fhilippine Airlines made old pleasant recollections remember. Details of mapping are fully brewing the weightiness of the large-sized machine.   The terrestrial scene is also cool. There are also works of a huge passenger plane in FS Pinoy site.  Fly here.

Japanese here.


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