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Re-Elaboration of the front of a canopy window

Posted by kikakuya on October 26, 2008

“Mapping” often surpasses “Assembling work” In 3D. But front window has an uneven curved surface, it takes time and effort considerably. Image mapping of the body color (R34G49B44) is carried out further on the front object which carried out texture mapping of “the thick glass” (upper left figure). After that, stencil image mapping(black and white) is carried out from the front . The texture of the glass mapped under the image mapping is kept left behind. The color of a black portion will clear out the body color and, as for a white portion, the body color of image mapping will remain . The shadow of the window frame is perfectly reflected in the canopy. Let’s readjust the textures of bulletproof glass later. These processes make Shinden’s body more beautiful.

Japanes is here.


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Posted by kikakuya on October 26, 2008

Mapping of the body body was elaborated again. In order to make it intelligible, the rendering of the object of a wing and front wings is removed and carried out. The air inlet door for cooling attached on the engine portion was also installed by mapping. Fabrication is performed by Bump Processing of mapping. The high contest line drawing traced from the drawing is individually mapped into each portion.  Whole impression becomes better than before.

Japanese is here.

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