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The Early Bird Catches Worms.

Posted by kikakuya on May 24, 2008

When having taken the train in the early morning, I noticed some facts. The far mountain beyond a window is also moving together. “Such a thing is natural! ” “Study more.” is likely to be said from a junior high school student. When this fact is applied to animation, I have noticed it being real visible to “That is more real visible”. When a 3D object moves, the background must also move together. A front object and the relation of how to move a background can do explanation mathematically. Anyway, it decided to actually experiment. It is a simple Dynamics “A uniform straight-line motion.” “Slanting bird’s-eye view” are used to take both a distant-range and a close-range view. It is because the position of a horizon is important for a background. This background photo is placed at the back angle of about 60 degrees to the body(Shinden). However, if a background is brought close to Shinden as it is, it is not visible to “movement”. It is only approach of a background.
Next view is expected. A distant view looks to be slowly and close-range view looks to be quickly. Then,the following plan was considered. The background is moved to the lower part about 50cm without changing an angle. If it does so, the background position will fall by about 40cm and a background will approach about 40cm by the theorem of triangle.Since a new distant-range view appears in the upper side,the position of the horizon is still at the original position.That is, the background is no approaching. Therefore, the flight of Shinden approaches a more real motion(probably). A result by the rendering should look at a lower animation (15 seconds)

Japanese is here.


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