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Posted by kikakuya on March 16, 2008

The day which should be memorised came again last week. March 10,1945 63 years ago is the day of the air raid on Tokyo by 300 sets U.S. Forces B29. By this indiscriminate firebomb air raid (air strikes), Tokyo became a burned field and 100,000 or more people’s lives were claimed. Next, extensive simultaneous slaughter by the atomic bombing to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Shinden was born in August of the same year under their situation. A prototype was built as interceptor for B29. After two weeks Japan lost war. The 2nd World War was ended. This interceptor was not of use for a battle. Shinden did not need to make when it considered that this war was a big fault. Many people said if Shinden was completed, possibly 100,000 or more civilians’ lives would have been saved. But if this airplane was completed and war was prolonged more, my parents probably would not exist. Since man is making the same mistake repeatedly.

I want to leave memory of this beautiful airplane for future people to prevent cruel war in my grandchild’s time again. Also in order not to repeat the same fault. Restoration of Shinden over seven months is ended in today. 50 years ago,I have been excited for the illustration of beautiful form of Shinden in my elementary school days. My junior high school days was fascinated with this future body. My high school days was immersed in air battle comics. Shinden was seen in my dream for the first time in 30 years last year. Symbolized Shinden swung me in my dream and gave me the power of improving the past, the present, and the future. One documentary photography taken together with the people engaged in incomplete restoration of the body after the end of the war was a driving force which drives me. And also in my 3D restoration, Shinden became a commemorative photo having held many incomplete portions too. However,satisfied with this imperfection.

Japanese is here.


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