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Posted by kikakuya on February 3, 2008

From the top of the head to a tiptoe, the dispersion ratio and reflectance of a body color were corrected. Since the identification of the Rising-Sun was bad, the mask action at the time of mapping was also readjusted. The recognition for the adjoining color increased. A little bump degree of the rivet was also lowered and they were set in a natural expression. Since this color absorbs light, the lighting from the upper part is added. Environment light is added further. The dark part was also readjustment. Since all portions do not need to be seen, a viewpoint was centralized on a body upper surface. The big thunder cloud of a background has an effect for the concentration of the viewpoint. A setup of this picture is some present-day airfield. The pilot is getting down and the canopy is open. It is very important that you decide the expression environment of the object as a concept of the expression. A story is always necessary for the scene.
Well,what kind of story do you have in this image?

Japanese is here.
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