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Posted by kikakuya on January 27, 2008

Development of Shinden has closed the curtain by only the test flight for 45 minutes ,holding many subjects. Shinden has stopped material growth. Test records for two days were an altitude of 1640 ft,top speed of 161.5 mile/h and many defects to improve. I am not interested in the new possibility of the efficient and technical subject of this airplane, or combat efficiency. Because the reason is obvious that this fighter plane could not exist. Even if details of efficiency will be indicated, that is meaningless at my site,since everything is already told in many homepages in the world as a frame of the history end of Japanese warplane development.
Then, let’s speak about why the restoration of Shinden has been tried by 3DCG, having spent much time and efforts till today. This photograph is a test flight on January 25 on CG. It is Yokosuka sky. An altitude is at least 6500 ft. A throttle opens fully. After this, a course will be to the direction of 10:00. My view is the Sagami bay in 5minutes. This course goes in the direction of Izu, looking at the coastline to a right hand. If I were a pilot, I would like to fly like this. The pilot can see Mt. Fuji in space which is hiding on the right-hand side of the photograph. The cause planned to restore this airplane was this spectacle. That is “Shinden in the dream.” This Shinden has no 30mm machine gun. That is a very peaceful airplane. Neither B29 nor Grumman will come flying any longer. Why was such a dream? I don’t know. Some Shinden graphics of beginning of this blog are the CG of those days. A test flight still continues.

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