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False and Close Resemblance

Posted by kikakuya on January 17, 2008

Mapping of the rivet was settled up temporarily at last. Next job is the fabrication of the inspiratory port of the circumference of the engine. Since new fabrication was accompanied, it became the homework to next time. The more it is minutely scrupulous, the more an unknown point of the fine portion increases. The more strict “abbreviation standard” is needed. Although the pilot has boarded,the inside of a cockpit is still untouched.
Although the talk changes,where is formal evaluation about how many design concepts have been materialized after this test flight for 45 minutes? It seems that nobody has left the formal comment. Honestly even with a photograph, judgment of truth is difficult. Which standard should be about “resembling”? What is the difference between “false resemblance” and “close resemblance” in 3d design?

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