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Peaceful Fighter

Posted by kikakuya on January 27, 2008

Development of Shinden has closed the curtain by only the test flight for 45 minutes ,holding many subjects. Shinden has stopped material growth. Test records for two days were an altitude of 1640 ft,top speed of 161.5 mile/h and many defects to improve. I am not interested in the new possibility of the efficient and technical subject of this airplane, or combat efficiency. Because the reason is obvious that this fighter plane could not exist. Even if details of efficiency will be indicated, that is meaningless at my site,since everything is already told in many homepages in the world as a frame of the history end of Japanese warplane development.
Then, let’s speak about why the restoration of Shinden has been tried by 3DCG, having spent much time and efforts till today. This photograph is a test flight on January 25 on CG. It is Yokosuka sky. An altitude is at least 6500 ft. A throttle opens fully. After this, a course will be to the direction of 10:00. My view is the Sagami bay in 5minutes. This course goes in the direction of Izu, looking at the coastline to a right hand. If I were a pilot, I would like to fly like this. The pilot can see Mt. Fuji in space which is hiding on the right-hand side of the photograph. The cause planned to restore this airplane was this spectacle. That is “Shinden in the dream.” This Shinden has no 30mm machine gun. That is a very peaceful airplane. Neither B29 nor Grumman will come flying any longer. Why was such a dream? I don’t know. Some Shinden graphics of beginning of this blog are the CG of those days. A test flight still continues.

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False and Close Resemblance

Posted by kikakuya on January 17, 2008

Mapping of the rivet was settled up temporarily at last. Next job is the fabrication of the inspiratory port of the circumference of the engine. Since new fabrication was accompanied, it became the homework to next time. The more it is minutely scrupulous, the more an unknown point of the fine portion increases. The more strict “abbreviation standard” is needed. Although the pilot has boarded,the inside of a cockpit is still untouched.
Although the talk changes,where is formal evaluation about how many design concepts have been materialized after this test flight for 45 minutes? It seems that nobody has left the formal comment. Honestly even with a photograph, judgment of truth is difficult. Which standard should be about “resembling”? What is the difference between “false resemblance” and “close resemblance” in 3d design?

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The Whole Life for 45min.

Posted by kikakuya on January 13, 2008

“Some serious lack was accepted by the first test flight. The huge reactionary torque with the engine which brings about sharp acceleration became an important problem especially in the defect. ” It seems that furthermore, shortage of the short length of a wing and vertical tail area was shown by this test flight. It completely became impossible to prepare a stable posture according to this cause, especially at the time of taking off and landing. Furthermore, it was considered that takeoff speed was 240km/h too high. It seems that moreover, an intense vibration of the drive axis from engine became the subject of an improvement.

The 2nd time and the 3rd supplementary examination flight was performed on August 6 and the 8th in 1945. In these three flight sum totals, Shinden flew for 45 minutes. The maximum altitude was recorded as 500m and the maximum speed was recorded as 260km/h. During the 2nd and the 3rd flight, the defect about the structure of wings was also newly clarified.
According to this document, Shinden required advanced operation technology of the pilot at the time of taking off and landing. That is, it is written that it was very important that it became clear that Shinden could not be controlled unless it is an excellent pilot. The fighter J7W1 Shinden of the phantom was sealed by the flight for only 45 minutes, holding many improvement matters. War of Japan and the United States became a conclusion one week afterward on August 15. Now, wreckage is sleeping to “The Paul E. Garber Preservation, Restoration, and Storage Facility.

Reference web : ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ СПРАВОЧНИК Кюсю J7W “Шинден”
Результаты первого полета были признаны удовлетворительными, однако выявились серьезные недостатки. Самым главным из них стал реактивный момент огромного винта при слишком резком ускорении. Сказывалась короткая база и недостаточная площадь вертикального оперения. Та же причина послужила возникновению сильного статического эффекта “косого обдува”, что приводило к полной невозможности триммирования на взлете и посадке. Также посадочная скорость 240 км в час была сочтена слишком высокой. Были зафиксированы значительные вибрации основного ведущего вала. 6-го и 8-го августа были совершены еще два испытательных полета, подтвердившие результаты. В общей сложности во всех трех полетах суммарно самолет налетал 45 минут. Максимальная высота, на которую была поднята машина – 500 м, максимальная скорость – 260 км в час. Во время второго и третьего полета были выявлены некоторые дефекты, связанные с конструкцией крыла. Здесь также стоит отметить, что на взлете и посадке самолет был очень требовательным к пилоту, поэтому летать на нем могли бы только высококвалифицированные летчики, которых в Японии оставались к концу войны буквально единицы.

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Infiltration to Yahoo Russia

Posted by kikakuya on January 9, 2008

yahoo_russia.gifThe interesting site was discovered while investigating the site in Russia at the New Year holidays. A site name is “ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ СПРАВОЧНИК. If reading is written by Japanese nuance, probably it will become like this. i-th-tow-ri-ches-ki-i spra-bow-zenk. However, there is no telling what thing this is. When it translates into English, a meaning is HISTORICAL REFERENCE BOOK. When explanation of a site is translated literally, they are “data for which the historical secret in several century and historical mystery on the earth are pressed.” The signboard is a quite exaggerated expression. Please search with Yahoo Russia if you can challenge Russian. Search word is “ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ СПРАВОЧНИК”. Please challenge.

shinden_sr.gifNow, let’s return the talk to main subject. The page of Shinden”Шинден” (pronunciation is “shinden”): “Kyushu J7W Shinden” is in this site. Is that true? Was “J7W Shinden”a mystery and a secret in Russia bloc? I was surprised to turn over a page, laughing such. The history and data of quite detailed development of “J7W Shinden” — a many documents were found. Although they are all Russian language, the volume of the document is uncanny. Some places were translated by my few Russin power. In my impression,there was likely to be no affective expression like the “Shinden site” in Japan. The contents have just “A mystery is approached” composition. This may become a site of a must if you are “Shinden Fan”. English explanation was in this site. It is as follows. “Mitsubishi J4M1 “senden” (“the sparkling lightning”) – the project of the experimental single-engined high-speed fighter-interceptor of fleet, the code name of allies “hatchway” (“Luke”).” This is explanation about “Senden”. It was also a trial production. In addition, there are a photograph of Shinden often seen, description of a flight game, explanation of 3D software, introduction of a plastic model, etc. Where on earth have “the mystery and the secret” gone? The second half is such touch . However, when we can understand Russian well, it will be a site made as interesting.

zero_page.gifThere is the link “АВИАЦИЮ ЯПОНИИ” in the page end. It means “Aviation of Japan”. This link is worth looking around. The popular Japanese warplanes are introduced by abundant photographs and documents. Probably they are contents of a must for warplane fun. Page like the museum of a Zero also has. From A6M1 to A6M7, this is also many. The mark when you lost your way in site is “Зеро.” (It means zero)

While searching for “Shinden” at the site in Europe, I always feel as follows. In the viewpoint of recordability, an European site has volume and the contents. They may have more good quality as compared with a “Shinden fan page” of Japan. Of course, although much Pages like the Smithsonian copy also are there, the recordability of an information site is felt better than Japan. Is this because the phenomenon can be seen more objective than Japanese fun? In books or literature about Shinden, probably Japanese site does not lose, since it was the head family, but it seems to have lost in the field of internet contents and objective evaluation power. Japanese people may be too subjective to this airplane. This is not self-criticism. It may be one current. In Japan, the young man is lack of interest in reading. Although a light magazine is read, heavy book does not read. The affective thinking way is smart than logical thinking. It is the same also in the Japanese internet. Rash and frivolous.

Is it old person’s grumble which is regarded as wanting young people to purify oneself more?

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2008 Beginning

Posted by kikakuya on January 4, 2008

Here comes 2008 beginning. A vertical tail was mapped by the same method of last year. A Mapping picture was illustrated from the drawing in the internet. Next, the trace line drawing created by Illustrator should be changed into a gray scale picture by Photoshop. A picture is read into the texture of Strata. The degree of bump will be adjusted. Arrangement should be determined after vertical-horizontal adjustment. The map of the attachment portion of a wing upper surface was also exactly. Although the interval of a rivet and readjustment of a degree are a little required touch, the result was pretty good.
May this year be a better year!!


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