Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

Front and Back

Posted by kikakuya on December 18, 2007



They are the front and the back. A rendering should be carried out for the check of the future. It is necessary to use a photograph and a drawing and to check details. It is because an unknown drawing may have many mistakes. Not all are projected although the photograph is projecting truth. Moreover, there may also be an error of the interpretation when carrying out 3D fabrication. The restoration work is a very difficult subject. What should be trusted? In The Garber Facility, various bodies have been restored over ten years. Truth is beyond for 70 years. Although the talk changes, the document of the Nanjin Massacre was aired on TV in Japan today. About the fault war committed 70 years ago, the Japanese soldiers of those days who now became an old man are beginning to tell the fact. The Japanese government does not accept this slaughter formally yet. By accepting the historical fact with those old men, we must get big power to prevent. I am always pained by this antimony of war through restoration of the beautiful war tool called J7W1. It is self-question answering itself.

Japanese is here.


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