Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

Step Completion

Posted by kikakuya on December 14, 2007

mgearkan3.gifFabrication of the main gear was finished. This work is done based on some collected photographs and drawings. Fine wiring and metal fittings are gradually attached by addition. The frame grasping a main wheel is one sleeve type. As long as a photograph is seen, a frame is visible to pipe-like structure (there is a slot which made the pipe unite on appearance). “Path Extrude” is best way for this frame. This method pushes out the form of a pipe section along with the line of sleeve(photograph bottom left). Now, this is attached to the axis of a main wheel. The structure of an axis is the same as a front wheel. However, the hinge of a buffer is attached to a front side. The cover was traced from the body side view. Since the length of an axis and the radius are quite larger than the numerical value of a front wheel, the ratio of each part is re-calculated from data. In order that the upper end and the arm for drawing in of the main leg might not have data, they were surmised that it was probably such a structure theoretically.





Japanese is here.


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