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That’s the light of Paris!

Posted by kikakuya on December 8, 2007

The work of this week is creation of a main wheel. From the scale of the photograph and the drawing, the rotation material (section) is made so that it may be usual. A main wheel is about 1.5 times the size of a front wheel. The diameter can be taken out from the ratio of a front wheel. The radius of a rim is drawn after a diameter is decided. Finally, the window of the side is mapped.

3sozai2.gifThe left figures are a tire, an inner wall of a rim, an outer wall of an axis, and a rim. They are finished setting up on the same axle.
The side of the rim of a main wheel has a swelling larger than the side of the rim of a front wheel. Although it is having felt at the time of front wheel creation, compared with the present rim, a design concept is clearly different. Although it is a digression, the movie of Atlantic Ocean nonstop crossing of Lindbergh which I saw at my chilhood was remembered. An English title is the “Spirit of St. Louis.” Japanese title is “My wing! That’s the light of Paris!”,if it translates literally. I remembered that the rim of the main wheel of Ryan NYP was a form just like a pot lid. Since then, When I look at an airplane, I came to look at a wheel first always.

Japanese is here.


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