Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips


Posted by kikakuya on December 8, 2007

stencil.gifbamp2.gifThe Left figure like a “Japanese family crest” is a mapping picture given to the side of a rim. The left picture is mapped in the both-sides side of a rim, and a black portion is made transparent. If this processing is carried out, a window will open to the rim side at the time of a rendering. The direction with right gradation is a mapping picture for giving special effects further on it. A deep-colored place is dented strongly and a thin place is the processing which gives a dent weakly. Although this portion may not be visible,the result in which it is better to be scrupulous is induced.


tire2.gifThe left is result of the rendering.

Japanese is here.


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