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The days are asking itself

Posted by kikakuya on November 25, 2007

shinden.gifFor these three months, I have searched for the information on Shinden . The reason is that I like an airplane. I have also understood the essence which conceived this fighter 70 years ago. Why does people turn so many eyes to the fighter of a phantom who hid beauty and sadness? This is also the question to myself. Since the misery of fighting became far far memory, it may be thinking so. We might have forgotten gratitude to being peace. “SHIN” of Shinden is one of the phenomena showing the universe in “EKI” . The meaning expresses “thunder.” “DEN” expresses “lightning”. Did Japanese of 70 years ago search for figure of the god of thunder from this beautiful fighter? Supposing they did so, what should we do now? That is the question for Shinden.


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