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J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

Seasonal Change

Posted by kikakuya on November 23, 2007

The cold wind is coming although it is fine day. Two months passed away as making J7W1 Shinden after the hot season. Wintry cold wind already began to blow in my small town. In the Tohoku district in Japan, it already began to snow. Although Shinden had been making only from a photograph, easy drawing information and imagination, the season which begins to make details also came in my design seasoning. The first reproduction portion is a nose gear (front wheel). Even if the whole structure can be overlooked , the mechanism of a portion cannot become clear. This is well being. This front wheel is completely the same for my little information about airplane equipment. The installation method of the attachment portion looking as “hinge with an angle” (it named freely) and the upper structure of this equipment are not clear. That is above U character frame which has sandwiched the wheel. The structure cannot be solved only by my photograph and sketch which it has now. Although they would probably be buffer (shock absorber) , “hinge with an angle”and unknown equipment are written only as omitted drawing. Anyway,according to the above-mentioned various situations, let’s make that portion future work.

trace2.gifFirst of all,the portion which is visible exactly is traced. Let’s trace it now. And let’s fabricate them quickly! Since a photograph is not from the front,   the right size is well deduced from the side view.  And traces form data using illustrator.

Japanese is here.


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