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Fatal Click

Posted by kikakuya on November 20, 2007

garden1119.gifThe server of my home is the old Mac G4 that is already returning active service in my jobs.  While the notice of software update is also disregarded, he is the old friend who works under a desk diligently every day.  Only periodical security update is definite aim in his life.  Such a darling old friend was involved in the trouble today.  At 5:00 p.m., the notice of “Software update” from Apple came to the monitor only for a server. As usual, I removed the unnecessary update.  O.K. button was pushed.  In the case of Mac, the optimization of System is certainly performed in the second half of update. This optimization requires long time. However, today’s processing took time crazily. It is long time to the extent that roast beef can be cooked.   The cruel word appeared in the monitor of the next client which was checking e-mail.  “cannot find server” —Is it joke?  A machine does not tell a lie although  breaking down. That was update process error. Other computers on LAN were also the same condition. When I changed the network protocol of router into DHCP,  Internet became connectable by note PC.   It was also O.K. similarly from a server machine.  Apache also has no abnormalities.  MySQL also has no abnormalities.  PhpMyAdmin also has no abnormalities. However, Internet was not available if DNS server was set up.  The cause of interruption was found at last.   That was DNS error.   The master zone of DNS service has been removed by updating process.   The inside of LAN and outside are not connected without  the master zone.   The old motto was remembered although the cause was not clear why DNS crashed by security update.     “Be prepared!  One click might be fatal” — to be sure, it is wise saying.          Japanese is here.


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