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Sheet metal work

Posted by kikakuya on November 17, 2007


The tough work is coming tonight. That is a designing of the junction part of a wing and a body. The junction is made with a complicated curved surface from three dimension. This molding operation is completely the same as the sheet metal work. The engineers of a factory might be doing same work in a wartime. Probably, there was no pressing machine for exclusive use for Shinden since it was a test machine. It is just handmade!! The sheet metal of a car — that’s it. It has taken the whole day only in right wing this time.
Some sections are required for a junction structure first. Although this is a process which is not in actual sheet metal work, it is a procedure indispensable for making a curved surface with a free hand. Looking at a photograph, change of the flow of a curved surface is checked from three directions x,y,z. Five sections are illustrated this time. The flow of the curved surface which goes to especially an engine cowling was a difficult portion. After the elaboration of a section finished, skin processing is required for “The sheet metal work”. Japanese is here.


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