Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips


Posted by kikakuya on November 8, 2007

canopy3d_us.gifThe face was completed at last. The canopy of Shinden was put on the body. The correcting point becomes clear if it is compared with the photograph of the genuine. What is omitted and what to carry out is checked. The glass side of the front part needs to delete the side more (portion which has shone with lighting). It seems that the thickness of the frame is different. And also angle of gradient is a little different. With the photograph (below), although it seems that glass is not contained, it is exactly contained in the photograph of the Smithsonian. The color of glass also needs to be thought over again (colorlessness is used this time). Since strict size of this frame is unknown, the size has been decided in the balance of the image which comes from the trace and the photograph. This will also be necessary to reexamine together with the other portion which is not expressed this time.

The rendering was tried and carried out by the almost same angle as the real photograph. In the 3D, the junction to the body is not settled well too. It is also the cause that data is breaking a little. New body may be necessary to make(a broken texture data is coming out here and there). After making the canopy exactly, it might be good way to fabricate new body . Remaking object might often become beautiful rather than correction. Although you could notice in the photograph, semicircle-like equipment is attached to the rear ceiling. What is this? New homework was shown. Well, let’s change mode for a while till the body data renewing. Let’s challenge the modeling of a leg next time. It will become more interesting, since a feeling of the reality will come out.

Japanese is here.


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