Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

The Face

Posted by kikakuya on November 8, 2007

The front part canopy which serves as a face of J7W1 is fabricated this time. Mapping to an uneven surface of a sphere goes not so well, only the frame of this portion is modeling object. The frame of the same size as hind canopy is attached for the pilot side. The front tip frame which becomes a part for a junction with a body is created by the method of adjusting also for fine tuning. Along the curve for the body, a path of Bezier curves is required. Section of a frame is rotated according to Bezier curves. This method is called “Path Extrude”. This way is frequently used in 3D. The frame of a front glass portion is mapped to a glass side like other canopy. When three above-mentioned frames are processed concurrently, the canopy appropriate for J7W1 Shinden is completed.

Japanese is here.




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