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Posted by kikakuya on November 8, 2007

frame1.gif 250px-north_am.jpg

Now, making fabrication of a window frame starts. “a window frame” is a window frame of canopy glass. I guess that the frame has disappeared at the time like the second half of P-51 mustang. It was just before the age of a jet. Since the fighter is a propeller plane, canopy can be opened by hand in case of emergency, and the pilot can begin to get out from cockpit. But if speed exceeds 700km/h, opening by hand is pretty difficult. It was the current of the time when the design concept of the airplane itself changed quickly with the end of the reciprocating engine fighter.

Shinden’s canopy was still a manual opening-and-closing type. Mapping is used for creation of a window frame. A developed view from a photograph and a drawing can be mapped for the surface (duplicated object) of each glass side which was created last time. Each shade was drawn by Illustrator. Since mapping of the curved surface of the front canopy seems to be pretty difficult, I map only the front frame.


A stencil function is used in this mapping processing. The white and black of the picture of a frame are reversed in the stencil function. Portions other than a frame are made transparent by this processing. If this function is used, only a frame can be expressed at rendering. The notes about combining with glass is that the glass side is reducing slightly. By this processing, a glass side will be inside a frame. This is more real. If a rendering is carried out, canopy into which glass was built exactly will be completed.

Japanese is here.


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