Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips


Posted by kikakuya on November 7, 2007

nuki.gifIf the forming of canopy of the front part goes well to about 80%, the work for a glass will be able to start. Although I think that it had become bulletproof glass, since it was a wartime period,the quality of the material was not so good if it guesses from the situation of Japanese economy of those days. Since there is no glass data of those days,texture data is set the transparency “92%”, and the refractive index “1.4”. Although it is ordinary thin glass, appearance will be good. Inside is hollowed in order to make glass thickness. First, the reproducing of prototype is required. After that, you have to make size reduce only the part of glass thickness. The reduced duplicate prototype can be embedded into the original prototype. Finally, it can be hollowed by a Boolean operation (Subtract).


After Boolean operation,the prototype will become a form of the skin of the watermelon who finished eating. Before making complicated correction, Boolean operation is required. By this operation, next work will become easy. Simultaneously, the center and the rear canopy will be set the same work. Molding operation is easier than a front. But, there are one notes. Since the center canopy is covered by the rear canopy when a canopy is opened, width differs from height a little. Although a strict size is unnecessary, the feeling of a scale model will be produced by a little prejudice.

Japanese is here.


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