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Old Story

Posted by kikakuya on November 7, 2007

tengai.gifA canopy is called “Ten-gai” in Japanese.”Ten” means “sky”. “Gai” means “lid”. It means a roof which covers a cockpit as the name suggests. It was also called “Hu-bo” a long time ago in Japanese. “Hu-bo” means “prevention from wind”. The “Tengai” is zen-like. The glass used for canopy is “Hubo-glass”. This Hubo-glass had been in fashion in school as a child. When it rubbed on a wooden desk, it was wonderful glass in which there was a strange sweet smell by frictional heat. Since it was about in 1950, such a thing was in boy’s fashion in school. But I did not know where to get “Hubo-glass”. It was the reflect of the age that the rubbish of the wartime period was to be a toy for boys after war finished. Now, this nostalgic “Hubo” is made this time. I decided to do the following structure from analysis of a photograph and a drawing, so that it might be usual way. 1) a canopy is divided into three pieces such as front,center and back. 2) each is made as “solid texture” and is used as a material of “glass” and “frame of canopy”. 3) Since the complicated curved surface of the front part, front part is made from the combination of mapping and a molded product. 4) Junction on a body adjusts the body side. It is likely to become quite tough work.

Japanese is here.


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