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The old person was great

Posted by kikakuya on November 1, 2007


One week passed since starting a body revision already, but the paths of a search and the trial of the trial and error still continue. A repair tool or a part or illustrations overflow in Lure Head virtual factory, there is not the place to stand anymore, too. When I trace the 3D shapes of each part from a design side, I always find the force of the designer who was going to trace new possibility in that time. Though a computer and the illustrator are the few times, I have to admire the engineer who projected whole images on the drawing with a slide rule and pencil in 6 months. How is the designer who concerned with Shinden ? How old are they? That war is over and already passes in 72 years. While I am guessing such a thing, I continue a fight with the polygon.

”Why will here be such a swelling?” ”Can you never get the solid image of this part?” It is a monologue every day.

The plastic model looked, but the important part is deformed. In addition the plastic model is too organized clear. I guess, there is many points to be omitted in a plastic model. Furthermore, making 3D model of the plastic model is meaningless. It was a motto of my father that “The old person was great”

Japanese is here.


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