Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips


Posted by kikakuya on November 1, 2007

p1.gifmap1.gif1101fan.gif 1031fan.gif

Naturally we can not see the inside of the cowling. But I can see the shape that seems to be the turbofan in the photograph from the rear. Because it looks like a propeller shaft and coax, it may be a turbofan. Upper illustration is my imagination. As this imagination may be right, I mapped this image onto a cylindrical section of an engine part. A mapping function called the vamp effect is very used to show a three-dimensional impression. After rendering, the black part becomes dented, and the white part becomes unevenness. Virtual J7W1 had better resemble an actual machine if possible. The air scoop can not be seen in the photograph , but structure to seem to be a vent(the gap of both sides) is seen.

Japanese is here.


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