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Dear polygon

Posted by kikakuya on November 1, 2007


With a revision of the body surface, I install each opening. I readjust shape of the main air scoop in both sides of the cockpit (The molding for the joint with the body is a future process). I install the air intake for supercharger, air entrance to hold lubricating oil cooling, parts in the cowling. Furthermore, the remolding of the engine part starts again. Because the exhaust space in both sides of the engine is puffing out some bodies. Only the right side was able to carry out the revision of this exhaust space part. Left side is expected for this week end. In addition, I revised some wing cross of the main wing and front wing. I revised the shape of the nose to make a canopy precisely. As above, the revision of the body is repetition of a process to put it away each other and the process to put it together. I am checking three drawings (a top view, a side view, a front elevation) visually, but a position delicately slips off unless carefully. When this point slips off, the another point slips off, too. When the another point slips off, the another point of another one slips off, too. It is a vicious circle. You cannot fight against a 3D polygon unless brain calmly. Even if your wife say that you had better already sleep, you must ignore it.
Japanese is here.


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