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J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

Active afterimage

Posted by kikakuya on November 1, 2007

As for the body revision, around 80% are completion. However, there is still a lot of parts of non-shaped. Shinden is so far. In a meaning to change mind, I mapped a warplane color (probably, Zero fighter) . The color sample which I found in internet was dark green a little more, but tried light setting for mapping. I understood that how to hit light on the dark green was difficult . This is a future problem, too. I have to suppress the diffusion of the light more. The actual feeling considerably changes in according to what kind of virtual situation this plane flies. Actually there is not such a clean fighter in those days. A dirt is necessary. The painting will come off, too. The dirt from the hand will stick, too. The plastic model is too ideal. I do not like it. It may be good for displaying, but cannot cut “moment”. Shinden was made by hand. I want him more active. War is over, and 72 years already passed. Shinden is same years old, too. But I want shinden to be still active fighter as an afterimage.

Japanese is here.


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