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Big J7W1 came true

Posted by kikakuya on October 24, 2007

RC scale model of wonderful J7W1 Shinden was discovered during data search in the network. Producer is Mr. Michael hammer. He seems to be the owner of a RC model shop. Larger scale model is introduced at this site. His work is proffessional truly. It becomes helpful for my maiking 3D model. Detailed work can be seen if it becomes a site member(no charge). Shinden fan must be! URL is the following.


2 Responses to “Big J7W1 came true”

  1. nguyencuongaa said

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    • kikakuya said

      Your site will be a very profitable site for mania of Radio Control. Glow engines was a nostalgic hobby in my high school age, though they had already stopped now. It is still an age of the single control transmitter. It is also an age when “escapement” was still used. It is about 40 years ago. The Cessna of the Enya15 engine made in the balsa wood in those days is still somewhere in the barn. The smell of the ricinus of the fuel cannot forget yet. Your sites were linked. Thank you. Lure Head 3D Jp

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