Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips

Buttock is very important.

Posted by kikakuya on October 19, 2007

cowl.gifThis theme is an engine cowling. The cowling of J7W1Shinden is an important portion which summarizes the flow of a shape. Why did it become such models? The answer is not kept by Smithsonian, either, though regrettable. Even if it sees a photograph, and it sees a drawing, a concept cannot be held well. since — full use of imaginative power is made.

1. Divide a cowling into two. 2. Join two after fabrication in a polygon mesh, respectively. 3. The curvature of the upper surface and the undersurface of a cowling differs mutually. 4. The undersurface and the cowling of a wing are alignment in field.

4. seems to be quite difficult especially in 3D modeling. This portion is made into the homework to next time.


Japanese is here.


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