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The ex post facto measure against a phantom

Posted by kikakuya on October 15, 2007

vtail.gifCool day “AKI TAKENAWA” continues at Saitama in Kanto Plain. While looking at the Bright Moon of Midautumn, I’m trying to make a vertical tail of “J7W1 Shinden” tonight . We could see a small tire at the bottom of this vertical tail. This tire was named “Tail wheel for the propeller damage prevention “. This is very honest naming ,isn’t it? And it is very Japanese style. At the test flight,the propeller struck the ground at the moment of taking off. Couldn’t it predict in the design phase? Probably there was no time verified. Japan lost war at the next week of the test flight.



The form of upper end and lower end of a vertical tail is complicated. So,they are connected after making scatteringly. In order to cover with a skin,many ribs need to be drawn. An exact size is also required so that a joint may not be highlighted. A wheel is fabricated by revolution of circle. A doughnut type wheel turns a circle 360degrees,and makes it.


All the portions are connected carefully. The vertical tail J7W1 Shinden is completion. Tail wheel for the propeller damage prevention was attached again.

Japanese is here.


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