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Big J7W1 came true

Posted by kikakuya on October 24, 2007

RC scale model of wonderful J7W1 Shinden was discovered during data search in the network. Producer is Mr. Michael hammer. He seems to be the owner of a RC model shop. Larger scale model is introduced at this site. His work is proffessional truly. It becomes helpful for my maiking 3D model. Detailed work can be seen if it becomes a site member(no charge). Shinden fan must be! URL is the following.


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Solution of a Riddle

Posted by kikakuya on October 23, 2007

Seeing the photograph yesterday, a new thing was discovered. The form behind “the air intake for lubricating oil cooling” differed from the drawing. The swelling of the delicate body is united with the engine cowling. Judging from the photograph, it consists of very complicated curved surfaces. “Oh, my God! ” — the important portion is a shadow and cannot be seen. A wing is not attached unless it solves the mystery of this portion. There is no plan of the “Fighter of a Phantom” also in Smithsonian.

The other explanation about this which cannot be explained according to my linguistic capacity is here. Sorry,it is Japanese.


Photograph offer:Shinden House 

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Fights with polygons

Posted by kikakuya on October 21, 2007


Correction of the body is begun . Body is made from the polygon (polygon surface). Unless the surface is checked finely, mapping is not settled well. Long perseverance using a nerve is required in this process. It becomes the checking work for each of a polygon surface.


Since this body has many irregular continuation sides, there is no other way . The parameter of the degree of correctness of this work is greatly concerned with my personality. On my case, I’m always out of breath at this process.

Japanese is here.

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It grows up for a while

Posted by kikakuya on October 19, 2007

propeller3.gifpropeller3.gifpropeller3.gifThe propeller is required to check the performance of a cowling. Fabrication of a propeller carries out skin processing of being the same as wings. Since there is no data of Shinden, the general wing cross for propellers is used. As 6 leaf propeller is attached, it comes seemingly to be J7W1 Shinden more.


3D designing is interesting as growth of a child. Let’s challenge illustrating of an air intake and exhaust of the circumference of engine next time.

Japanese is here.

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Buttock is very important.

Posted by kikakuya on October 19, 2007

cowl.gifThis theme is an engine cowling. The cowling of J7W1Shinden is an important portion which summarizes the flow of a shape. Why did it become such models? The answer is not kept by Smithsonian, either, though regrettable. Even if it sees a photograph, and it sees a drawing, a concept cannot be held well. since — full use of imaginative power is made.

1. Divide a cowling into two. 2. Join two after fabrication in a polygon mesh, respectively. 3. The curvature of the upper surface and the undersurface of a cowling differs mutually. 4. The undersurface and the cowling of a wing are alignment in field.

4. seems to be quite difficult especially in 3D modeling. This portion is made into the homework to next time.


Japanese is here.

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The ex post facto measure against a phantom

Posted by kikakuya on October 15, 2007

vtail.gifCool day “AKI TAKENAWA” continues at Saitama in Kanto Plain. While looking at the Bright Moon of Midautumn, I’m trying to make a vertical tail of “J7W1 Shinden” tonight . We could see a small tire at the bottom of this vertical tail. This tire was named “Tail wheel for the propeller damage prevention “. This is very honest naming ,isn’t it? And it is very Japanese style. At the test flight,the propeller struck the ground at the moment of taking off. Couldn’t it predict in the design phase? Probably there was no time verified. Japan lost war at the next week of the test flight.



The form of upper end and lower end of a vertical tail is complicated. So,they are connected after making scatteringly. In order to cover with a skin,many ribs need to be drawn. An exact size is also required so that a joint may not be highlighted. A wheel is fabricated by revolution of circle. A doughnut type wheel turns a circle 360degrees,and makes it.


All the portions are connected carefully. The vertical tail J7W1 Shinden is completion. Tail wheel for the propeller damage prevention was attached again.

Japanese is here.

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A dream is made in the long nights of autumn

Posted by kikakuya on October 12, 2007


I will make J7W1Shinden seen in the dream. Since The body and wings are already made roughly, I make a front wing this time.

Refer to the lower site for detailed work. —–>


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Always be hungry

Posted by kikakuya on October 10, 2007

bat_r2.gifThe heart to fight will wither in case of a full stomach. If there are no blind munchies too, the power of living strongly will not come out. Then, I think that the distance of life will become clearer. what should I do in order to be always in a hungry state? The first thing to do is to get out from the garden to search something ? Which is the best arms for hunting? —-Today is finished with no trouble like a yesterday. The bat starts flying.

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