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Let’s open the window

Posted by kikakuya on September 25, 2007

The melody of “Yuyake Koyake” (nursery rhyme) is heard from the speaker of the nearby broadcasting tower when becoming 17:00 every day. A large amount of starling crowded in front of a house at the same time yesterday. There might have been 300! They overwhelmed me by black shadow. I recalled Hitchcock’s “Bird”.

It feels bad to weird. I have driven them away because my wife had started to be scared in a large amount of chirrup and the wing jump. I regretted my act because of feeling emptiness after that. The time might surely be time of repose for them. Time flows gradually in this time zone in this agricultural area. The number of cars that run on front road of my home decreases,too. 17:00 is such gradual time zone.
By the way,it is becoming cool considerably. As window is opened, I feel autumn has come. Let’s open the window .


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