Lure Head 3D

J7W1 Shinden Restoration 3D Design Tips


Posted by kikakuya on September 12, 2007

After a typhoon No. 9 passes away, cool days continue suddenly.
My life style is changing similarly. Dying busy days which thought “This is my way to follow” before half a year are awfully nostalgic.

For these three months, small work is only done little by little. I am not doing work which still takes the lead in an occupation. I am refraining a little from a work now. As a result, time to be in a house increased 10 times compared with half a year before. Although it turned out that a household economy becomes severe, I stopped hurrying to work instinctively. The meaning of being instinctive may be that the contents of the drawer of the head were lost. If it becomes so, I would like to begin accumulation again…. Is surely it such touch? Preparation is required in order to reestablish its firm footing. It senses that it is the timing which improves the bottom of a leg now. It is because nobody wants to ride on BOMBARDIER DH8 with a weak leg.


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