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Consideration distance

Posted by kikakuya on July 17, 2007


The damage situation around Kashiwazaki seem to be bad more than the forecast. The road situation on the Sea of Japan side is not clear for me because of living in Kanto.

 I recognized that I have not understood the location of Kashiwazaki geographically at all. The speed of the rescue of the government and the administration seemed to be slow.

I recalled an old advertising copy by Japanese National Railways. That is “Where are you to in a hurry in narrow Japan?.” It took 10hours or more to go to the other side of Japan before by train. The distance feeling narrowed by informationization of local economy. But, a physical distance has not changed little. After all for me, Kashiwazaki might be near and be far.Would I become an onlooker if I wishes the superman’s rescue ?

kashiwazaki.jpgWe wish to express our gratitude for the rescue supply of American Embassy & American troops stationed in Japan. more>>


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